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What do we want?

PIM STROY group will take its place in the growing Russian construction market as a growing company with the purpose of being intelligent and qualified solution partner in various construction investments.

Who we are?

PIM STROY Group has been established in year 2003 with the aim of serving at various branches in Russian construction market. Analyzing and comprehending the needs of the market and improving the company abilities, PIM STROY Group has been specialized on both fields of construction and engineering systems in a short period of time. As being approved on the market, PIM STROY group has reached a work volume o 300.000 square meters including the completed and ongoing projects.

What's our plan?

Although the main target of the company is to build turn-key projects starting from zero level, deals with fit out works of offices, shops, cottages etc. including mechanical and electrical turnkey systems. Today 90% of projects which PIM STROY Group deals with consist of shopping and business centers.

Where we worked?

Various projects have been completed successfully on the following cities of Russian Federation; Moscow, Talyati, Saratov, Engels, Nizhnekamsk, Nabrezhniye Chelni, Kaluga, Perm, Kazan, Nizhnenovgorod, Novosibirsk, Yaroslavl, Murmansk, Saint Petersburg.

Little About Us

We are a Turkish Construction & Engineering Company established in 2003, PIM STROY Ltd., Moscow, Russia, directed by Turkish directors and operated by in a coorperation of Turkish and Russian engineers, masons and workers.